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Curriculum Vitae

Erika Schuchardt, Dr. phil. habil., born 1940 in Hamburg, professor of education research and adult education at the University of Hanover
Member of the Synod of Evangelical Churches (EKG) in Germany and member of ecumenical committees of the World Council of Churches, Geneva (1972-1990)
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Vice-president of the German UNESCO Commission (1984-1996)
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Founder committee member of the Federal Association "The Children of Chernobyl" FEDERAL REPUBLIC + BY/CIS (since 1989)


Member of the German Federal Parliament (since 1994) - Committee on education, research and technology assessment

- Foreign affairs committee
- United Nations sub-committee
- Committee on human rights and humanitarian aid
- Committee of inquiry on law and ethics of modern medicine.

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Various publications distinguished by book awards and translated into many foreign languages. Subjects: communication theory, integrative pedagogy, life-world research and research on women´s issues, accompaniment of dying persons, education research, adult education with special emphasis on crisis management: e.g. "The Voices of Chemobyl's Children, History of a quiet revolution, Foreword by Lev Kopelev (Herder, Freiburg, 4 th edition 2000) and Coping with Failure, "Why Me?" Opportunities for Learning to Live (Concilium 1990) (2 MB)
See also "Why me? Learning to live in crises", (Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht, Göttingen, 11th edition 2002, 12th edition 2006)


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