B 22. Book Schuchardt, Erika ISBN 2-8254-1436-0

Why me? Learning to Live in Crises. The Result of a Study of Live Stories covering a Century.
With Bibliography of more than 2000 Life Stories from 1900 to the Present,
• alphabetical • classificated • annotated. With 20 illustrations and 12 diagrams,
World Council of Churches, WCC. Geneva 2006, p.147, 14,80 € - . Awarded the Prize for Literature.
E-Book with bibliography (german edition p.187-361):
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Why me? - Learning to Live in Crises

This is the kind of question people state already affected by a stroke of fate. In the book they describe their negotiation with god and their fellow human beings. On the basis of over 2000 analysed life stories over the course of a century and her decades of experience in crises counselling for the people affected, Erika Schuchardt has developed a way to work through crises, and this she describes here – illustrated in the picture of the ascending spiral.